Migrate NAS-server to Managed Nextcloud via VPN - very slow, interruptions

I am migrating our server (NAS 100GB/10000s files) to a managed nextcloud (hosted by IONOS, 1 TB). Currently, I am using the Nextcloud web interface and copy the files per drag and drop. I am connected to our NAS server via VPN because I am working from home. Using MacOS 12.0.1 Monterey, firefox.

Upload/transfer speed is less than 500kB/s and there are constantly error messages showing up like -connection to server lost- unknown problem-. I cannot just leave it alone for some hours to finish the transfer because after 10min-40min it just stops for some reason (apparently nextcloud is getting some hick-ups). Then I have to redo it and cannot configure nextcloud to just transfer files which have not been transferred so far, the dialog does not give me an automatic option. The folder sizes also do not match that of the NAS-server and there is no option to see the number of files and size of a folder including all sub-folders. Speed is slow even if transferring from within our network without VPN.

What I am doing wrong here? Any ideas?

There are number of possible issues - VPN is often reducing the speed because of additional de/encryption of the traffic. Once you are connected with VPN could it happen you upload through VPN as well? and then all the traffic is going from you company to your home office and going back to the company and going to the internet > Nextcloud there?

Try to isolate the issue you have

  • test NAS speed with VPN separated
  • test Nextcloud connection separated
  • check if the issue exists with/out VPN only

once you figure out the faulty component it’s easier to address the problem.