Migrate from SQLite to MySql (or others) with shared server

NextCloud admin panel keeps suggesting me to migrate to something else (other database) than SQlite. I am using a shared server (BlueHost). Can I do this with a shared? I do not know if I can access a terminal… no Apache access neither…
Thank you for any advice!

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@Tori_Atama agrred with @just

If you don’t have ssh access and root control, forget…

for information, 2 DB instances can coexist .

MariaDB, for example, can be install in a non-standard directory, using different path and ports…

Sure, I’ll talk with the staff. We should not allow support posts that do not fill out the required form.

Hope you resolve your issue, but allowing people to post who delete the required form is a problem that needs to be resolved. Cheers.


Well, HAVE FUN WITH THAT… :rofl:


Sorry but I don’t know/don’t see the “support form”. Where can I find it?

On the dashboard of my hosting provider, I can only see 2 kind of database: MySQL and PostgreSQL. Can I create a MariaDB by myself even if it’s not available in the option of the hosting provider?

Probably not. But you could just use MySQL instead of MariaDB. MariaDB is a fork of MySQL and the setup instructions for MariaDB also apply to MySQL.

@Tori_Atama @bb77

Sorry, i am focused on mariaDB because i use it…

But yes, you can use MySql in conjonction …

Now, i understand you are using a hosting provider. If you dont have root access via ssh, ask them if they can provide a service for you… Otherwise, you are just dead in the water…

Thank you for your advice !

Thank you bb77