Migrate from owncloud to nextcloud: Do shared links change?

We want to migrate from owncloud to nextcloud. We have some files made available publicly via shared link. Do these links stay as they are in owncloud, or will the links change? This would be a crucial information, as we do not want to break links when migrating, thus making important files unavailable for people who need them.


The page https://nextcloud.com/migration/ states in section “Settings”:

Nearly all ownCloud settings will be migrated to Nextcloud during the upgrade procedure. That means that internal and public (link) shares keep working, users keep their settings and you will retain app configuration, LDAP and external storage settings and more.

So your publicly shared links should keep working after the migration. But you should better schedule a downtime for the migration and plan some time for troubleshooting.

thank you for your answer. I did indeed read the settings section, but apparently I skipped the most important part. Sorry for bothering you that way. Meanwhile I did migrate to nextcloud and everything worked out as expected. Thank you for the excellent work.

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