Migrate from nextcloud 15 to a new nextcloud 19 server

is that possible?

i’m having trouble with all that php updates to upgrade myself further, so i thought i’d replace the system

Nextcloud doesn’t support skipping major version. You need to update your server from v15 -> v16 -> v17 -> v18 -> v19 to keep your data. Please also use the search function of this forum, which you find in the upper right corner, if you need further information, because this question is being asked and answered on a regular base.

i see. thank you. i think i’m mostly stuck on upgrading the php 7 i have now on the 15 version. i couldn’t make out from the instructions on how to do that

You have to make sure that you always install the php version which is supported by the related Nextcloud version, otherwise you will run into trouble too. You will find hints about how to run a php upgrade also by using the search function of this forum, e.g.

Hi do you have any workaround for this?
my server was stuck at big int and the emoticon stuff… if i do what nextcloud guide me, lots of problem appear on my nextcloud server such as missing file, share link not working and such…