Migrate from Nextcloud 15 to 21

Hello Nextcloud,

I have a Nextcloud installation running on Ubuntu 16.04. All works perfectly fine but I now want to migrate to Nextcloud 21. For this I will need to reinstall everything (Ubuntu 20.04). My data files are on an external HDD.

Can I do a fresh installation of Ubuntu and Nextcloud and when asked, just point the data folder to my existing folder with all the file, the bin files, the version files?

I understand I will loose all the shares but that is no big deal…

Thanks for your help!!!

Hello Edwin,

you can try to do that, if that does not work, then you can also just intall NC and configure it like its new. Then create the folders on NC like how it was originally. Once the main folders are created, you can find where the data is located on your NC installation where the users are located and manually/automatically copy the data from your external HDD to its respecting location. After this is done, open your occ web and issue “files:scan --all” after that, data should be available.

I hope this helps