Migrate from NC 16 to NC 18 - isolated network

I have a NC 16.0.1 server, running on CentOS 7, on an isolated network. I need to migrate the data, including the metadata, to a new NC 18.0.5 running on a different CentOS 7 host. User authentication is LDAP to Active Directory. The data directory itself is on an iSCSI disk. Database is default Mariadb/MySQL.

I know that I can rsync the files from the data directory on one server to the other and then occ files:scan the files to populate them into the database.

However, this does not copy the information about what files and folders have been shared and who they’re shared to. Is this information that I can synchronize or migrate from NC 16 to NC 18?

Can I do a database export from 16 (backup) and do a database import (restore) to NC 18 or has the database schema changed?

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