Migrate from MicroSD to SSD

Hi, I currently have a Raspberry Pi 4 running on a MicroSD with an external HDD attached for extra space. Now I would like to migrate all to an SSD (I heard that the Pi can now boot from SSD). How could I best do that without a complete reinstall. I have a lot of settings that I would not like to lose (general settings, apps, calendar data, encryption, …). Is it possible to just flash an img of the microSD to the SSD?


First, you’ll need to make sure your Pi is on a current firmware, which supports booting from USB. Here is the original announcement and here is the NextcloudPi doc on setting this up.

Basic method is to create a backup on a spare disk and restore it to the new SSD. See docs for details and feel free to join https://t.me/nextcloudpi

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Hey, thanks a lot for the reply. I look forward to my new SSD cloud :slight_smile: