Migrate from db to ldap

Hi friends.

Hope everyone is doing well.

I got a simple plan.

I want to migrate from internal db user instance to another instance connected against openldap server. I get it 's not a usual procedure.

I didn’t find any good input for doing this.

Should i just user the occ:user list command and deal with it to script something into .csv/.ldif ?

I read the tiny migration documentation page but it’s a pita to make it work and it lacks of details also i just want to migrate users information to openldap server db.

i also dig for some tools to help with it

but i’m not comfortable with php and it seems like you need to.

Did someone wrote a nice app or plugin to help with clean user exports (passwords included or not) ? Do the occ user:export command be sufficient ?

I would be happy if someone could give me some path to follow.

Thanks and have a nice day :wink: .