Migrate files from OwnCloud to NextCloud

Nextcloud version (12):
Operating system and version (Ubuntu Server 16.04):
Apache or nginx version (Apache 2.4.18):
PHP version (eg, 7.0.18):

Hi there,

In a old server I installed Owncloud We bought a new server and in this I have installed Nextcloud (last version as you can see). I have created new users and I want to migrate files from Owncloud users to Nextcloud. I’ve tried copying files under data but it does not work. I think I have to change or add database registry but I’m not sure.

Are there any way to migrate Owncloud data to Nextcloud (with new users and different names)?


You can use the server-to-server-sharing to make data available on the other server and then copy the files directly from server to server (either via webinterface, or use a native webdav client such as cyberduck or winscp).

OC 7 has no support for quite some time, so don’t keep this setup on public internet.

Thanks a lot!

Hi jask! did it worked? did you used the server to server sharing via webinterface or with the native webdav client?

This i like answering on “how to start a nuclear reaction”… oh, it’s simple, you just have to splita a first atom, and the rest will follow…

Server to server sharing is WHAT exactly? and… how to set it up on owncloud and nextcloud so the files could be moved?

*t would be nice to know, where exactly the user files on the nextcloud are stored?
It was simple with owncloud, just moving files to /var/www/owncloud/dataand then start files:scan, and voila…
With next cloud i have already spent a day trying to migrate the files, and with no results so far…

Lame, if you ask me…

Completely agree.

I’m trying to understand how to move files from a Owncloud Server to a Nextcloud Server but all i find is ways to upgrade the Owncloud server to Nextcloud which is NOW what im looking for.

Anyone has ideas?

The best solution i found is to use the extract plugin. Basically just download all files from the owncloud server and decompress the zip file using the plugin.

Perhaps you can use Federation to use Server-to-Server-COPY instead of downloading and uploading.

Also you can use - if you download and upload the files - the Desktop apps instead of the WebUI.