Migrate encrypted files from Owncloud to NextCloud

My name is Marc and I’m from Spain. We have Owncloud 10.0.01 with LDAP user login and encrypted files via user password. Right now my company wants to migrate to Nextcloud and I have some doubts about it.

Most important is, ¿can we migrate to Nextcloud with user files encrypted? ¿Is this possible? ¿How?


There is a web page about migration: https://nextcloud.com/migration/

In the beginning, switching to Nextcloud was just like a normal upgrade and the code base was very similar. And many people were migrating. In the meantime, there are more differences, some unique features in each system. Migration still seems to work, but there are less people, testing is less rigorous.

The server-side encryption is hopefully still very similar, so from that point of view it should still work. However, the server-side encryption is often a bit tricky to handle, there are a few reports of problems without proper follow-up (even within Nextcloud). But success stories are rarely on the forum, so there is a good chance that it goes through without problems.

Before you migrate, you must do a full backup before so you can easily go back. If you have a large setup and you need stand-by support and someone competent available to help you, there is a enterprise support from Nextcloud.