Migrate data from ownCloud 9.1.4 to Nextcloud 12

I want to migrate the whole data, users and user passwords to Nextcloud 12.0.2. I can’t update the old ownCloud server because of different system errors.

Is there any way to migrate my data, users and passwords? It would be at last helpfull if I could migrate the users and passwords.

Thanx for your help!

No, the only official way is to upgrade. You can workaround this a little:

With the same command you can set new passwords as well. After that, you can copy the data into:
/path/to/nextcloud/data/$username/files and then run php occ files:scan --all (don’t forget the sudo stuff to use the right user, see the documentation page above).

You could try to use the old passwords, but it’s a bit hacky:

  • make a backup of the current database
  • set a mail address for important users, they can reset their password via password recovery
  • make sure the passwordsalt in your config/config.php is the same like in your OC 9.1.4 setup
  • then you can copy the password hash from oc_users into your new database.

Thanks a lot. I just exported the tables oc_users and imported the data on the new server. The passwords are working. I didn’t copy the files, because it is not so important.

Really, it is not so difficult to migrate these data and files. Why I there no PHP-GUI or a shell script for migration. I think there a many people they would migrate to Nextcloud because of the stuck development of ownCloud. But I dont want to start a discussion at this point.

There is a migration tool:

Most people want to keep all their data, calendar, shares, … and this way Nextcloud is a drop-in-replacement for ownCloud. So, I’m not sure about the partial migration, however I did push it to the migration tool tracker:

Oh, I think that’s not the right way. My old server has different system errors like I posted initial. I want to migrate the whole data and files. But when I can only migrate the users and there passwords (the most important gizmos) then I am happy.

And the export and import of the MySQL datas has solved my greatest problem.

Thanx for that hint!