Migrate chat data from Rocketchat to Nextcloud Talk

Hello to the community!

I manage a self hosted Rocketchat installation. Rocketchat is being used for internal chat communication.

Due to several issues i face with Rocketchat, i want to switch to Nextcloud Talk. And in the future Nextcloud will be used for additional purposes like File Sharing.

At Rocketchat i have important data. And many times i go back to chat history in order to find several information.

At Rocketchat i have direct messages with other parties and chats with more than one parties.

Is there any way to migrate all chat history from Rocketchat to Nextcloud talk?

No, there is not.

Perhaps you can find a way to use rocket.chat because it offers a lot features. What is the issue you are trying to solve?

Why switch to Talk? Did you try rocket.chat nextcloud integration?

The most serious issues with Rocketchat are:

  1. The notifications (some times they work, some others they don’t)

  2. The integration with Active Directory is problematic and many times breaks or gets disabled on it’s own

  3. It easily breaks after updating it

There is no chance of keeping Rocketchat in any form (either standalone as it is now, or integrated with Nextcloud) .

One more question @just , is there a possibility to import chat data from Mattermost to Nextcloud Talk?

That’s an issue you most likely also will experience with Talk, at least there are multiple threads in the forums with people having issues receiving notifications reliably, especially on mobile devices. It’s possible that it has improved lately or maybe there are ways around it, but I suggest to test this extensively before you migrate all users over to Talk.

Afaik there is none. Your best bet is probably to keep Rocket.Chat up and running and put all chat rooms into read only mode, if possible. Or maybe you can use Matterbridge in order to connect it to Nextcloud Talk.

No chat histories can be imported into Talk.

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Have you tried reporting these issues to Rocket.chat?

Asking because I have not had any of these issues over some years.

I wanted anyway to quit using Rocketchat.

I have successfully switched to Nextcloud talk, everything works fine.