Microsoft Office fails to open documents through webdav

Hello everybody.
I have an up-to-date nextcloud (v11) with a valid SSL certificate.
I can connect with webdav on windows 10 using the native webdav client from windows, but when I try to open an office document (xlsx or docx) with microsoft office it asks for my credentials (thats acceptable) and then fails with "Sorry we couldn’t open "

This sounds like a limitation in the office suite which is unable to handle a webdav file. Does anyone know a way to workaround this (still maintaining the webdav protocol, i.e. no sync or downloading the file)?

Thanks everybody

I am having the same issue with WEBDAV and Excel, not with next cloud though… did you find a fix for this?

It has happened on other PC’s I managed, always had to wipe it clean and reinstall windows / office etc.

I am trying to roll back windows updates now… I have tried the reg fix, tried the cache fix… nothing!! I am literally going to through it out the window!!

From Windows 7 SP1 (after a certain update) to Windows 10 Webdav will work well only in HTTPS with a valid certificate.
You can change this behaviour by changing a key in REGEDIT.

When openning an Microsoft Office file from webdav i have an error, files are only in Read-Only.

I’ve solved this reading this website :

You could also see at this section : The Office Protocol Discovery Cache

Hi all,
I want to open an office document by clicking on the link inside the Nextcloud webinterface, like you can do in the online demo. Actually, IE, Firefox ask me to download the file. But if I copy paste in office open file, it works. I don’t want to use neither the network drive connector and the nextcloud Windows client app.
How can I automate this?
Thanx for your help!

Nexcloud 12 SSL
Office 14 (2010)
IE 11 won win7pro

I’m experiencing the same problems with windows 10 and office 2019. Couldn’t manage to solve it, is there any trick I should be aware of?

Thanks a lot!