Messed up with data S3 object storage (no backup)

I had a docker compose container running nextcloud using object storage as my primary storage. I’m new to docker and ended up deleting the database volume. Since I don’t have a database, I have the files but they are all “urn:oid”.

Is there anway to recover from this? If so, how?


Technically all of those urn:oid entries are your data, but all of the metadata like filenames/etc was stored in the database. (Note: this is only the case when using Object Storage as Primary Storage; in External Storage mode it’s different).

If you don’t have a backup of your database volume, there is no formal recovery path under your current circumstances. But, like I said, technically the contents of your files is there.

Any chance you had a backup of the underlying host you ran Docker on? That would container a copy of your /var/lib/docker/volumes (if you used named volumes) or, possibly, your /home/whatever (if you were using bind mounts). This might give you a path to get your database volume back.