Messed up css/layout, i'm lost

Hey guys,

Running Ubuntu server 16.04 with plesk onyx. Have PHP 7.1 with FPM. My css / layout / images are not displayed.
I can provide the link, here is the screenshot.

  • installed: true
  • version:
  • versionstring: 11.0.3

Already did an OCC maintenance repair and plesk repair of the database.

Disable all apps doesn’t work.

Also changing PHP versions or handler to fastcgi doesn’t help.

I’m really lost here, could anyone help me out?

So it was a permission issue, opening the console gave some 403 forbidden errors. (Had a cronjob with a permission script running every hour) Plesk has some different permission setup than a regular Ubuntu server. The strong permissions script wont work for plesk. Will figure out how to handle it and then post it.