Message Loading/index.php/apps/documents/ajax/download.php?

I can not download any files in my nextcloud. Following message appears.

Loading/index.php/apps/documents/ajax/download.php? …

I now did tray to download the desktop app. It did download a lot of files but for few files there was an error message show up.

may you help me in this case.

Can you tell us on what system you installed your nextcloud (own webserver, webhoster, …) and which version?
It would also be helpful to tell us which error message showed up and if there are errors in your nextcloud logfile (can be downloaded from your admin-page).

I have Nexcloud 9.053 and have a reseller hosting by Metanet. Shall I upload the logfile? is the latest version, try this first. If you post logfiles, please only the one which are shown when you encounter the problem.