Message Display Window and Rendering

Why does the message view have to be so small? The iframe for the message body is so small it makes reading HTML email unpleasant. It should adapt to the full width and height of the browser window instead of leaving a bunch of white space in that unused real estate.

For example, why is this element set to a max-width of 900px when it could simply be left to 100%?

#app-content #app-content-wrapper .app-content-details {
  margin: 0 auto;
  max-width: 900px;

Just some general feedback… The UX of this app is a bit unpleasant. I would love for this app to compete with other webmail apps like SOGo, RoundCube, Rainloop, etc., but there’s still a lot of work to get there.


I guess what you referring to might be partially fixed by Please also see the referenced ticket(s).

If you can be more specific we can try to improve. We always appreciate constructive feedback :v:


Yes, looks like that’s the one. I wasn’t sure whether or not to open an “issue” since this is maybe a preference instead of a bug. Glad to see it’s already being discussed.

For other miscellaneous feedback, if you’re curious. These are the main features lacking and UX annoyances that are preventing me personally from having it be my go-to webmail:

  • The way sub-folders are listed. I don’t want to see the full path. Much better to have the name and use design, nested lists to indicate that they are sub folders.
  • Message list pane is too narrow. It should be resizable or wider.
  • Should be an option to remove the round avatar/gravatar from the message list. It looks super cluttered, especially with the star on top of it. Starring would be better in the dropdown or within the message itself.
  • There’s no ability to select multiple message in the message list and delete, mark as read, etc.
  • There’s no ability to sort the message list in any way or display based on a filter like “unread”
  • Can’t view a message source or detailed headers
  • Can’t open a message in a new window
  • Compose - can’t seem to add an inline image. Rich editing is super limited in general.
  • Compose - No way to edit the HTML source of a message
  • Can’t compose in a new window
  • Signature settings - the box is so tiny, no ability to have an HTML signature

I don’t mean to be harshly critical. I know this is an open source app and it takes time and resources to create. You guys have done a commendable job so far. Keep up the good work.