Message: "all files were deleted on the server; would you like to remove them?"

I just got this message this morning, something along the lines of “all files were deleted on the server, would you like to remove them locally?”

First of all, no files were touched. I logged in and everything was there. I also checked the trash and nothing was removed.

I clicked “keep files”.

Now I’m trying to figure out what happened.

First of all, is there some log locally on the client that can show this message again? …and also is there some log of what it actually thought was removed?.

Locally only the actual synchronization activity is stored in the file .owncloudsync.log inside the local synchronization folder.

The server side activity can be checked in the clients gui activity/server tab, but is not stored locally as far as I know. I guess it is retrieved directly from the server. Check the activity there (web ui) within the activity app.

This should be investigated in my view. If this is due to some client bug and someone accidently removes the files locally, who knows if they will get really removed on the server afterwards… Do you use windows, thus the windows client? And which version?