Merging to seperate NextCloud Calendars

im currently in the process of setting up calendars for our company and got stuck at the point where I want to group calendars together.
Lets say I have calenders of person A, B and C and now I want to create a new calendar that represents their division e.g. the “support team”.
So that this calendar displays all the appointments from each personal calendar who is part of the support team. Is there a way to this?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

“Personal” means personal and not shared, therefore such a calendar cannot been seen by others by default. As usual users can decide to share their calendars with other individuals or groups.

If you want to have one single calendar which can be used by several users at the same time, you can create and share such a calendar to all members of a group and grant edit rights to all of them.

You can delegate your calendar to another user through CalDAV, but the only CalDAV clients that I know of that support this feature are all on MacOS.

It’s such a shame… would be really great to have a feature like that. Should not be to hard to code though. Its just about the display.
Thanks for your help anyways! :slight_smile:

It’s not a shame but data compliance, private is private and not public without the permissioning of the owner of the data.

I get your point. And you’re totally right. But imagine the scenario where I’m working in a company and I got lets say 5 people who all work in different departments. I got access to their “personal” calendars because they gave permission. Those 5 persons are not in any shared calendar, but for my workflow it would be nice to see all of their appointments in one calendar, because the current projects demands coordinating them. If I create a new calendar and share it between all of them, all the old appointments are not visible (not that big of a deal) but if one of them enters an appointment in the newly created calendar it will only appear in this one, not in his personal. Which in my opinion is not good. This person created the appointment, is part of it, but it won’t be displayed in the personal calendar, where ALL appointments of this person should be found.
At least this is my opinion. With this feature implemented also the need for merging calendars would vanish. Because then it doesn’t matter in which calendar I create the appointment, but my personal is the collection of all of them :slight_smile:

Hope its understandable would I’ve been trying to say :sweat_smile:

I think you mix-up physical calendars and calendar views. Although all persons are creating events in their personal calendars, you can view all data in one central calendar view, if you’ve subscribed to it. This works e.g. with all calendars of my family members on Nextcloud, Thunderbird or Android. There is no need to merge data to see all relevant information at the same time.
So if you create a shared calendar and create events in it, all information is shown to all subscribed calendar users in parallel to their personal data. Naturally this also works the other way round.

Alright maybe I’m just really confused. Sorry if this is the case! But if I create a shared calendar and create a new appointment in it (the shared calendar) the appointment will not be visible in my personal calendar. Therefore I need to enable all calendars (shared ones and my personal) to see all appointments which I may be part of. But this way the view gets cluttered with all kinds of appointments from the shared calendars which have nothing to do with me^^

Yes, but you can easily enable or disable calendars so that its content are displayed or not depending on your current requirement. BTW, I think there is an additional way how you can solve the problem. You can create an event in one calendar and add an additional user or resource to the attendee list so that an invitation is sent which then can be added to a second calendar.

Yes I know. You’re right with the easy enable or disable feature. It’s just that some of the people here say that they might forget to enable one and … yeah… dont mind. But besides that, I think this feature shouldn’t be hard to implement. Overall its just a view and I think it could be handy sometimes as in this example.
Thanks for your fast and good responses though!
I got one more question:
Is it possible to display the calendar weeks? I mean the numbers… lets say its week 3 in january that there is a display of this count?

Open “Settings & Import” in the lower left corner and set a mark in front of “Show week numbers”.