Memory Caching for frequently-requested user files

Help me to clarify the following words in docs:
“You can significantly improve your Nextcloud server performance with memory caching, where frequently-requested objects are stored in memory for faster retrieval

I configured Redis as memcache and see only user sessions and some static objects (html,css,svg e.t.c) in it.
I would like to understand if frequently-requested user files (jpg,txt,video) are loading into the Redis memcache also or it uses only as cache for some static inner web design elements and sessions store.

I would appreciate your clarifying this misunderstanding.

I don’t think it is for user-files, so mainly for the web-interface objects. Redis is the file-locking cache which is faster than the normal database (which is used as fallback), so it can speed up file transfer because of reduced database queries.

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