Memories app can't connect to nextcloud

Hi there, when trying to connect memories app to my nextcloud entering the address of my nextcloud server, i get the following errors: unable to resolve host … , value<!DOCTYPE of type java.lang.string.cannot… .
When I search for the memories app directly on the nextcloud app, it says the is no such app available for my nextcloud version (my version is 3.29.0).
Anyone knows how to solve this?
Many thanks!

This means your server cannot be found over the network maybe because of a connection or DNS server issue.

I don’t know how you are search for the Memories app but I would expect that you install it on your server and not on your client. “v3.29.0” seems to be a client version, because Nextcloud versions are usually v27.x, v28.x, v29.x. Check-out the app store for more details: