Media is not updating

I’m running Nextcloud 14 on a Raspberry Pi with nginx and postgres. The iOS Client is an iPhone 6SE. I’ve uploaded many Photos automatically to the Photos Folder.

The Media Folder on the other hand does not update. If I choose another Media Folder (which includes Images) in the Media section, it is scanning/searching for some time, but no image shows up.

It was working as expected on Nextcloud 14, or on the previous iOS client. It works with a different user on the same system. But it doesn’t work with my user account anymore.

nextcloud.log shows nothing.
nginx access.log shows this (after the search has ended): - andreas [13/Nov/2018:19:31:57 +0100] “SEARCH /remote.php/dav HTTP/2.0” 499 0 “-” “Mozilla/5.0 (iOS) Nextcloud-iOS/2.22.5”

Any help to get the Media back updating images would be appreciated.

HTTP 499 in nginx means that the client closed the connection before the server answered the request. This could be caused by a client side timeout? I see many SQL queries going to oc_filecache table during the media search…

Still thinking what the issue is…?

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Problem is gone after new iOS Client was installed.