Meaning of red icon?

I’ve started using the Passwords add-on on Tor Browser (not sure how safe it is) and I’ve noticed that the little number on the key icon indicating how many credentials I have on the current page is red instead of blue:

What does that mean?

I think red is the default color for this badge. So i assume that for some reason the custom color was ignored. There is no code in the extension to make the icon red on purpose.

What do you mean by custom color? I don’t see any setting to customize the color.

I mean the custom (blue) badge color that is defined in the source code of the extension. Usually the extension sets the color of the icon to blue, but if the browser ignores this or any issue occurs while doing so, the default color which is set by the browser will be used. It is not possible to set the color manually.

ooh I see, I just noticed that this icon is not add-on specific. I guess It’s included in the Firefox API and then you can change its color in your code and if you don’t it’s going to be red.