May First/People Link is switching from Owncloud to Nextcloud

First, we want to thank all the Nextcloud community and specially thank Frank for promoting and upholding this project, benefiting our vision of sovereignty over our own data and our understanding of our rights as Internet users in a concrete and practical way.

May First / People Link is a democratic association based in Brooklyn, NY and México City, and conformed by several hundreds of members (both social organizations and individuals) from the two countries and from other regions of the world too. MF/PL is an association defined politically in the left, we struggle for the right to communicate safely and effectively in the Internet to move our projects of social change forward.

Today we are happily changing our Owncloud infrastructure to Nextcloud as announced here

With this move, eight hundred active users, will get to know Nextcloud and benefit from all the work placed in this digital common you have been taking care of.

As a reference, here is the documentation of the work done by our support team leaders, to prepare the change. And where we will find more tech details.

Thank you all

MF/PL Support team


Thanks a lot, also for sharing that you use Nextcloud! I shared it over our social media channels :wink:

Any of you going to be around at the Nextcloud Conference in Berlin in 2 weeks?