May 3, 1PM Berlin time/11 UTC - LIVE STREAM! πŸš€

It’s that time again, our YouTube channel is gearing up for a live stream:


May 3, 1PM Berlin time/11 UTC

Be there!



… waiting

Nice announcement.
Upgraded my personal NC during Q&A and it works pretty well :rocket: .

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Just upgraded PHP and NC on my test instance and it definitely feels snappier. Also the β€œbuilt-in” Collabora server seems to work now without having to manually re-enable it after reboots. :+1:

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Recipient selection in email composer is still really bad UX – you enter the address, then you have to click on the same emailaddress in the dropdown below… Even the person in this announcement stumbled over this!

Issue is marked as β€œfixed” Recipient selection UX issues Β· Issue #2769 Β· nextcloud/mail Β· GitHub - imho this is not fixed, still broken. Please improve recipient selection UX.