Max File Upload 2GB latest version of NextcloudPI

Hi i am facing the problem that my file upload size is limited to 2 GB. Even that i set it to 10GB in the admin panel. It does not seem to allow me to Set it higher.

here your have some information that maybe help you to help me.

Nextcloud version:
PHP version: 7.2.16
running on raspberry pi 3 using the latest NextcloudPi image.

Here is the exact copy paste from the system:


Users: 1

Files: 194

Storages: 3

Free Space: 3.6 TB



Apps installed: 39

Apps updates available: 5


Version: 7.2.16

Memory Limit: 695.4 MB

Max Execution Time: 3600

Upload max size: 10 GB


Type: mysql

Version: 10.1.38

Size: 1.3 MB

last time I checked this worked fine, also it looks like it says 10GB in your copy-paste