Matterbridge Failed To Execute Binary

I’m trying to get matterbridge to work with Nextcloud Talk. It keeps failing to install it and asking me to install it manually. After manual installation, it complains that it cannot execute the binary. I’ve tried chmod +x, chgrp, and chown on the binary as well as on the entire app folder without avail. What could possibly be the solution?

Unfortunately you haven’t provided any information about your environment, the used software versions etc. Without this information is won’t most likely not be possible to provide a valuable answer on your question.
Please be MORE PRECISE and describe IN DETAIL at what stage it complains about not being able to execute the binary.

I’m running NextCloudPi with Nextcloud 20 and Nextcloud 10 on an ARM server. It complains about not being able to execute the binary when I click on “install Talk Matterbridge” in the Talk settings from the administrator panel. The logs show nothing relevant at all. If I remove the matterbridge binaries and try to install it from the admin panel, it will ask me to install it manually.

What should “Nextcloud 10” be? What about the talk_matterbridge app version?
The problem has already been addressed here:

Nextcloud 10 would be Nextcloud Talk 10 with a typo. As for those two links, as you can see I already commented on one of them by saying that the provided solution does not work for me.

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