Material/Inventory/Equiptment Lending System?

I know there is no app that can manage your inventory. I‘m currently configure a nextcloud for scouts and I’m looking for an app that is able to manage your inventory/equiptment (tents, and all other stuff u need for surviving in the woods…). We have around 300 different items that people can lend for a time.
So i was thinking about a app where you have a list of your inventory and people can create „orders“ to lend items for a specific time and then give them back. I know that there is no app for my request, but i wanted to start a project to bring it to live.
My only problem is, that i don’t know the app documentation so it will take some time to create it. Anyone who is interested in joining the development, you are welcome!

You could use a spreadsheet assuming you’ve setup Collabora or OnlyOffice integration.