Mass mail/item handling is severely lacking

On the whole this app works decently for very basic mail handling but there are some baffling and glaring omissions. For instance, multi-selecting items, and mass item handling in general is just not there. Obvious things like CTRL-A to select all mails in a view, not there. CTRL-clicking or shift-clicking mails to multi select, not there - no way to select multiple items at all I can find. No choice for mail folders to delete all messages in there, you have to go in and manually delete them mail by mail. No interface at all to make rules - thankfully Sieve is supported by my mail provider so I can still sort and manually enter the rules, but even so, my users would probably seek to end my life if I tried to offer this as a real day to day mail solution. It’s just barely enough for my personal, extremely light use mail.

But most urgently, some quality of life to handle many mails - multi-select, ctrl-a, delete all in a folder, etc, is really needed.

open GH issue for

feel free to open a GH FR for every other thing you think is missing - pls make sure to search for similar requests upon opening a new one.