Marker for sychronised directory win10


I see in the manual for the client under “visual tour” an image where directories that are not synced are marked with a tiny red circle with a white minus in it.

How do I get red and green markers on the directory-symbol in windows 10?


I had the same issue. It seems Windows only provides a limited amount of overlay icons for the Explorer…

Please check if you have the google drive app or something similar installed?

If you don’t need this app, you can uninstall it. Maybe you also need to reinstall Nextcloud (without uninstall) and reboot…

If you can’t uninstall the responsible app, your out of luck. I don’t think that there is a workaround…

I followed this link

uninstalled nextcloud client, installed it new, adjusted the registery-names with the 3 spaces and it is working now.