Maps setup on NCHub

Hi guys,

good afternoon.

i recently installed a fresh copy of Nextcloud 18 (hub) and upon installation it asked me to install maps app and some others.

Maps seems pretty cool but im not sure if im missing something to make it fully work with the pictures ive taken.

ive tried finding information but no luck so far.

i did a maps scan but not showing anything yet, so im pretty sure i dont have it fully configured yet.

do any have instructions on how to fully integrate it?

Thanks in advance!

hub 18 does not require the install of Maps app

Maybe you installed it by accident somehow ?

it suggested me to install it when i was doing the inital setup.

Its a suggested app … but it is not required.

I guess the question is do you really want it installed. If not then uninstall if form the apps section under settings menu.

yes, as you mention, suggested.
so, if i can have installed that would be awesome, it seems pretty nifty to have it there just for showing off… :slight_smile:

how do i configure it properly?

There should be little to no config looking at the app. It should be install and go besides doing the

./occ maps:scan-photos to rescan photos’ GPS exif data

./occ maps:scan-tracks to rescan track files

If you did the map scan I wonder if your browser cache needs to be cleared … or maybe some setting with memcache is not updating correctly.

You can also make a request here for help. They seem to have a few open for the image update issues.

Giving it a shot now on my instance …

so i already ran those 2 commands and no luck still.

what i did was i checked the option of Show OSRM demo server and i has been showing up some pictures slowly.

also, i havent finished setting up APCU/memcache on my instance yet.

Can I dm you ? \ Can help you out big time with the setup of the server :stuck_out_tongue:

sure can.

another question is… is it only working on jpeg pics?

does it have HEIC support for the metadata?

That I do not know … I just installed it and ran the commands with no luck . trying something else here in a moment.

I ran -

cd to nextcloud folder first…

sudo -u www-data php occ maps:scan-photos
sudo -u www-data php occ maps:scan-tracks

and everything is working now after about 15ish min.

i ran those commands but still not populating.

after enabling the demo server it is slowly starting to show only jpg/jpeg pictures.
so, not sure if maps has the ability to work with HEIC photos.

Add that question to the github issues…

Pictures loading after adding a cron job to run every 5 minutes, but its only bringing JPEG and not HEIC.