Maps installation attempt results in error: The "unique" column option is not supported

Fresh Debian install under Nginx (NextCloud, everything flawless, until I just tried to install “Maps” app. The application has downloaded, but I get the following error when attempting to enable it:

The “unique” column option is not supported."

The following screenie shows what I’m looking at I’m wondering whether I need to add a column or something in MariaDB?

Any assistance, your comments, suggestions, would be most appreciated :slight_smile:

The problem has already been reported and a workaround seems to exist too:

the problem remains for some of us. After commenting “‘unique’ => true,” I am still unable to install maps and now have this error :
Doctrine\DBAL\Exception\TableNotFoundException: An exception occurred while executing a query: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘nextcloud.oc_maps_tracks’ doesn’t exist

The issue in NC21 here

Server version: Apache/2.4.41-4ubuntu3.1
PHP 7.4.3 (cli) (built: Oct 6 2020 15:47:56) ( NTS )
Nexcloud version: 21
Database: MariaDB 1:10.3.25-0ubuntu0.20.04.1
Where did you install Nextcloud from: Source

As long as the status of the mentioned issue ticket isn’t changed from “Open” to “Closed” you cannot expect to see that issue fixed in the app and have to live with the workaround :wink:

FYI, I removed the app and reinstalled it and it worked.

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I’ve a Netxcloud 21.0.1 and Maps don’t installed. with the same error ‘unique’.

Getting the same error, and the workaround suggested in the bug report doesn’t work.

It’s pretty pathetic If this is someone’s idea of a featured app. At least remove that until this is fixed.

Same here with NC 21.0.2 :slightly_frowning_face:
Would love to use the maps app.

Ubuntu 20.04
MySQL 8.0.25
PHP 7.4.3

Use the nightly as pointed out in

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