Mapping user's home to nextcloud

Hi, is it possible to mapping user’s home directory to nextcloud automatically?
or is it possible use variable $USER to mapping external directory?

you don’t want manually, mapping each user’s home to nextcloud, if you have a lot of user.


Possibly? I haven’t tried it. I know you can with mail settings though.

Hi Karl, mail settings?
would you please explaining more detail?

In the admin doc for the mail app it describes using the user name or email address as a variable in their IMAP account settings so they don’t have to set them up. I didn’t find any mention of this in the external storage docs.

I did find this post where someone says you can use $USER in external storage, but then someone replied saying you can’t, so…

Anyone? only me?

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I would like to know this as well. How do you map users to unix users?

I am using the NextCloud docker container on Debian 10. NextCloud is running as the www-data user and files are given this UID/GID.

I would like to “export” the /home/user directory with proper userid/groupid permissions. I do not have that many users, and could live with mapping users manually, but would prefer automatic mapping just as the OP.

Thanks in advance!

Jan Rasmussen