Map Network drive not working on Linux or Windows

I keep trying to connect my Nextcloud server via WEBDAV but keep getting errors when trying to connect via Linux or Windows. Windows keeps telling me it can not communicate with the server when following the directions to connect to it and MAP NETWORK DRIVE and the linux APP that i downloaded i can not figure out how to get it to run. Can someone please help this is becoming more complicated then it needs to be.

Hi. If you could fill out the provided support template, it would help others help you. Based on your post, I can’t tell anything about your setup or what you did.

I really need to have someone provide the step by step directions on how to connect the webdav to my windows 10 computer via mounting or MAPPING the Nextcloud acct as a drive. So i can use it as my Z drive. I did figure out how to do it in linux but for some reason Windows just Pukes every time i try. I am using PORT 88 if that helps at all via port forwarding as my server is setup in one location and I am in another.

Can anyone help with this? I really do not know how to do it.

Is it possible that you don’t have an SSL certificate installed on your Nextcloud server? If so, you shouldn’t open it to the internet anyways, because all data will be transmitted unencrypted, including passwords.

Just a wild guess, but maybe the WebDAV client in Windows doesn’t allow plain HTTP connections.

on windoze: open “explorer” → right-click “this computer” → map network drive → select drive → keep window open
log into nextcloud → files > bottom left corner → settings → “copy webdav-link”: copy it
on windoze again: paste copied link into “network location”. If your nextcloud-server is accessible on port :88 add :88 after server name (eg http:/ , select “use diferent creds” and put in you nextcloud-creds - done. Be sure to select the correct protocol (http or https) or it will not work.
if windoze does not allow non-ssl-connections (possible) you probably need to hack the registry (but i cannot help with that).