Map don't work on NC21

SInce I am at NC21 and NC21.0.1 maps are not working anymore.

No routes being displayed and the cirlce is running infinitely.

Am I the only one having this issue?

I have NC21.0.1 and my map routing works. Did you check to see if there are app updates in the admin settings? You can also try SHIFT+Reloading the page to clear the cache. Lastly you can open the debugging console and see if there are helpful messages in the javascript output.

app is 0.1.8

checked /w some browsers even /w cache cleaned

same to me … did do the upgrade vom 20.0.6 to 21.0.1 some days ago.

i did, too:

  • clear Broswer cache
  • try different Browsers
  • run → /occ maps:scan-photos (on user base)
  • login/logout several times
  • trying with another user

nothing helps

cirlce is running infinitely.