Manual upgrade to NC25

I wanted to share with you the result message after
trying to install manually NC25 on my VPS (ubuntu 2204 php81)
i copied the zip file next to my previous NC folder
unzipped it
copied in the conf folder
the data folder behing outside the NC folder, with a different and complex name

I changed the default foder
went to my browser (brave) and opened my NC URL to launch the upgrade from there
(manual upgrade through Command Line Interface sudo -u user php occ upgrade saying it was already up to date: nc 2407)

after I clicked the upgrade button
once the process was finised, it read:

[9 / 0] : Migrate old user accessibility config
[9 / 9] : Migrate old user accessibility config
Étape de réparation : Initialize migration of background images from dashboard to theming app
Étape de réparation : Cleanup old theming cache
Avertissement de réparation : Failed to delete folder: "31", error: An exception occurred while executing a query: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'nc_nextcloud.oc_photos_albums' doesn't exist
[1 / 2] : Cleanup old theming cache

Of your webserver? Renamed on the filesystem?

Normally you do: zip → nextcloud-new
copy config from nextcloud → nextcloud-new
rename nextcloud → nextcloud-old
rename nextcloud-new → nextcloud

run occ upgrade in nextcloud. In the same folder where you run occ, the version.php file should show the new version.

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thanks, I should do that then :+1:
i’m going to try now

I don’t know where I should look now that it’s done??

NC25 is slow, the background image is not displayed
I can’t use Mail…

Check your logfiles. Perhaps some apps are not compatible…

yep, there’s an issue with mail