Manual upgrade 20.0.9 to 20.0.10

I tried upgrading my NC instance from 20.0.9 to 20.0.10 today. The web updater wants to install 21.0.1. I expected it would offer me 20.0.10, but there is no way to stay on the NC 20 branch as far as I can tell.

For now I would like to avoid upgrading to NC 21 because my shared hosting only has MySQL 5.7 and won’t offer MySQL 8 soon. They plan to upgrade, but there is no official timeline yet.

Therefore I would like to upgrade my instance to 20.0.10 manually. Working with the command line (I have basic ssh access) is no problem. But I’m not sure what the necessary steps are. Would appreciate some help with this. Thanks in advance!


I always do manual upgrade. Here the way I do:

  1. I backup my current nextcloud directory /var/html/nextcloud (my data dir is elsewhere)
  2. I extract the official tarball in /var/html/nextcloud
  3. I copy my “config/config.php” in the new extracted directory
  4. I run “php occ upgrade” with my http user.

At this time, it seems official tarballs for for 20.0.10 are not available.

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Thank you Thom1, that’s easier than I thought.

A 20.0.10 has been tagged on GitHub and is available on the resleases page page. It is not listed on Nextcloud’s Changelog Page yet though.

I’ll wait a couple of days to see if 20.0.10 will be offered through the web updater. If not, I’ll try your instructions.

Some users suggest, that NC 21 will work with MySQL 5.7. But since the wording in the updater is so explicit, I don’t want to take chances. Downgrading does not seem to be as easy as manually updating. Also it might work now, but there is no guarantee that a later release won’t break my setup.

You’re welcome. Downgrading is not possible. You can only restore backup to upgrade to another version.

It seems there won’t be 20.0.10 release.