Manipulate file upload process

Currently I have a frontend being able to link uploaded files with processes, people, workflows etc.

The upload mechanism should get a rework. Fortunately the Nextcloud provides a file upload for multiple plattforms. Before saving the file to the database I need to manipulate this file. It needs to get linked to some of the things mentioned above. After this process has been finished the file can be stored to the database.

To achieve this additional feature I would have to extend the Nextcloud database structure. I think this should be possible.

More important would be the upload process. Is it possible to provide a solution that executes the upload process but sends the uploaded file to my application and my application sends the file back (via REST api) after processing it? I tried to create a small sketch showing what I want to achieve

I am not sure if this is even possible so I would like to ask first :slight_smile: