Managing Feature Requests

I’m wondering if there isn’t a more efficient way to manage feature requests. Currently we have feature requests here on the forum, then on the bugtracker on github and there are probably tons of ideas on the owncloud bugtracker.

There is no lack of people asking for features but very few who actually sit down and help coding. It would be great to get more structure in feature requests:

  • is the idea good or only for a very special interest
  • how much time/effort is needed to realize this
  • is the issue scheduled by the core maintainers or does it wait for somebody (priority)
  • could this feature be realized with some donations (how much)
  • category -> specific app/core app/design/…

I found this:, there are perhaps better tools.

You already use the “junior job”-tag to mark features that can be realized by starters, and “papercut”-tags for issues that can be solved quickly. The benefit of a central system would be that everybody sees what’s scheduled and why my so important feature is ranked so low. To get this thing interactive that people can vote and/or donate would be a great feature.

Hi there, we built Receptive to do exactly what you have described above. It’s much more powerful than using Trello and it scales so you aren’t spending time on managing the process.

Take a look at

Looks cool. Are you offering to donate a tenant to the NC guys? Because that pricing is hefty.

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Thanks Jason. Drop me a line on and we can discuss.