Manage structured data

NC handles mostly data within files.
I guess more and more data become well structured and should that way be handled.

People create spreedsheets for tables and listings for divers usage.
Add new lines to tables you have to open the hole document and see everything.
I would like to suggest, that it could be helpful to have structured forms.
Those can take the correct formats on the fields that are wanted, combined with a rights management.
Somebody can see all data, share a link for creating new items and some other can have rights to add special information in fields for them.

What do you think about that approach?


Honestly i have no clue what you are talking about.

Trigger for that thing was a illness from my daughter.
We (my wife and me) have to take temperature, medicine administration and other things every hour. Therefore we started a spreadsheet. Okay, that works.

But every time we like to add a line, we have to open the spreadsheet app, that take a while, specially with a mobile client.

I think about how to solve that smoothly.

Data such temperature, medicine quantity and some comments are structured data. The developer would say, make a database. But that is not usable for my wife. Lets say the grandmother would participate too, but have no account to the cloud. I would like to generate a public share link, that way others could add items to. Maybe they can see all data, maybe they can just add lines. Maybe they can add just specific fields…

Technical it is a combination between:

  • Drupal content types
  • SharePoint lists
  • MS Access
  • Spreadsheets
  • No/Low coding apps
  • Database management
  • Forms

Do you have an idea what I mean?

You could check if Nextcloud Forms could solve your problem.

If not, try to propose this functionality as a new feature here