Manage shared folders

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I have a folder shared with a group and some of users have the client and have local mirors.
An error happends tha make the folder duplicate itself in islelf
In other words I shoul have :
And I get
/shared_folder/subfolder and /shared_folder/shared_folder/subfolder(s)
The space used had doubled and there is risk of confusion.

I suppose there had a misconfiguration in one of my user’s client.
It the second time it happends (al alweady had clean up the same thing)
I will check that with them.

I alweady make misconfigurations mysel using the wisard.
I relay prefer to do it by hand after install, it is much more clear.

Is there a way to secure the folders hierarchy from users errors and still authorise people to create and modify files , but not create or delete folders ?


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