Making remote folder available locally between 2 nextcloud servers

Hey I am using nextcloud 27 behind nginx.

I have 2 nextcloud servers , I enabled federation sharing between the two (currently in yellow status and not turning green)
And I made my main folder remotely available in the second nextcloud server .
I also noticed that the size of the folder is displayed but the server data remains 0(bottom left side of UI)

I am guessing that the files are not actually available in the second server but only available via remote.
Is there is an option or OCC command to make them available locally ? Let’s say in case when the main (first) server is going down ?

hi @Ron_Nahmany federation is designed in a way the files are not synced - and one server only access remote files “online” as you identified already

for this reason there is no way “make them available locally”. If you want to share files between two servers (AFAIK bad idea) you might use another server e.g. cloud storage where you can access the files from both systems…

Hey thanks , isn’t it somthing that nextcloud should be able to do ?
I managed to use WebDAV in order to sync them but this process is not very fluent
And what do you mean by cloud storage ?

both variants - (not) syncing the files from remote server - have (dis)advantages. With the main Nextcloud goal of “regain control” syncing the files to remote servers results in “loosing control” - this might be the reason why the feature is designed this way.