Making a page editable but not deletable?

hello everyone. Collectives is a great app! Thanks a lot! However it would be great to have an option that users may edit a page but not being able to delete it. Could you add this feature to the permission support? Thx

Maybe I should go further B) In my context, there are many people who are supposed to be involved in writing. However, it should be possible to prevent deletion, because there are some people who are not always 100% sure in dealing with the Nextcloud and who could possibly accidentally delete a page, which must be prevented from a legal point of view.

Hey @Maxlamenace,

would a trash bin for pages that allows to restore deleted pages serve your purpose as well? We plan to implement such a pages trash bin in the furture and I could imagine that it solves your problem, no?

Yes, this could actually solve it. Thx!