Make windows share available in NC

Dear all

Though I already read a couple of articles regarding this topic, I’m somehow not able to accomplish this on my nextcloud installation:

I do have a file server running in my network (Windows Server 2012 R2). My goal is to provide certain files in a simple way to others with NC.

From my understanding, this should be possible by simply mount an existing fileshare into the directory in NC. I did this, but though the corresponding mount point and files do appear in the File Manager in Webmin, they don’t show up in the mobile app (or in the browser).

So far, I have 2 assumptions what could be the cause:

1. Ownership of files and folders:
All files in the NC folder are owned by www-data:www-data, but the files from the mounted share are owned by root:root. Attempts to change the ownership through the Filemanager failed: the message was “successfull”, but the ownership did not change

2. Rebuild file index:
According to some users, maybe it’s necessary to rescan the files. How can this be done? I didn’t find any related options in Webmin.

Or is something else causing this?

Ubuntu Linux 18.04.1 with actual version of NC