Make folder accessible from www/ftp

It’s a pity that files in a NC can’t be accessed like on a ftp. I regularly copy files from a NC-folder to my websites webspace in order to show them on the website.
a) I don’t want to display the NC-Website around my content
b) I need to predict the URL which is not possible with NC’s share option.

It would be great if this could be implemented or worked around though an app!

Cheers, Sebastian

All of Nextcloud files and folders are already accessible via WebDAV, which is available on every operating system and mobile device there is. Seems to be fine in my experience. So, it can be accessed in manner just like ftp. Webdav is a different protocol than ftp, but they are both open standards. If you need FTP, just install an ftp server and point it to the same folder as local storage. Or, mount that ftp server via external storage.

Hope this helps!

Also, you can define a custom url using the ShareRenamer app from the appstore.

Afaik there is also a possibility to use pictures directly without nc site arround it. Use search if you desire that solution, it has been asked before…

@just No, as I already wrote, the share (renamer) options do not work because there are thousands of jpgs that shall be displayed on a website.

so yes @FadeFx that would be cool but none of us has ever heard of that workaround! Do you mean this? Is it really working or an earlier feature request?

If you not need too much files you can look at

The actual problem is the fact that Nextcloud uses “rewrite” (file. htaccess). Perhaps you can configure another virtual host, set another rewrite file name (not .htaccess !!!) and then set the webserver to the nextcloud-data-user-dir. I think that would work fine.

Hopefully you can set it in the virtual host settings e.g. of “files.server.tld”:

If you want to call your .htaccess file something else, you can change the name of the file using the AccessFileName directive. For example, if you would rather call the file .config then you can put the following in your server configuration file:

AccessFileName “.config”

ServerName www.example.local     
DirectoryRoot /var/www/www.example.local     
AccessFileName .htaccess.testing

In the file or perhaps also in the webserver config you can hide the old an the new .htaccess-file.
Sorry, not tested.

Seems your answer is hidden in the thread you linked close to the bottom:

Check this post:

I hope this is what you were looking for

Basically its adding /preview at the end to the public image link. However, it may be not so usefull if you need to publish thousans of images…