Make desktop client sync less often

I had never anticipated that kind of problem but…

Using NextCloud 27.1.0, the latest Windows client 3.10.0 on Windows 10 and 11 (the problem is not specific to any version).

A couple of users, have to create a bunch of folders manually.

They use Windows Explorer, create new folder, give a name and so on. All in the same root folder.

But because they are fast, the NextCloud client have time to create the folder “New Folder” but don’t have time to apply the new name before the creation on the second folder so NextCloud see 2 folders named “New folder” and because they are empty, kind of merge them (I guess). So the first folder get destroyed on the client file system.

I asked them to wait until the green check appear on the newly created folder before creating the next one (it’s like 3 seconds). It worked but it break their workflow. I wonder if I can slow the sync process, lets say each 20 or 30 seconds. This will probably solve the problem for them.


You have a few options to change poll intervals (Advanced Usage — Nextcloud Client Manual 3.10.0 documentation), however the detection of local changes seems different in this case. Perhaps check the issue tracker if there are topics about that for newly created folders (GitHub - nextcloud/desktop: 💻 Desktop sync client for Nextcloud).

without reading into the details:

As a workaround, your users could create the folders as fast as they want on a local folder and once they finished, they just move them in the Nextcloud sync folder. Or, if possible, use scripts to be faster after all.