Mail view in the new dashboard

In Nextcloud 20 the dashboard will completly overworked. For the most apps there will be a view.

Here is the view for mail:

Currently only important mails are shown. I would like to see new mails, too.

What do you want?

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To clarify: important messages can also be new ones. This is not a distinct set.

Do none of your incoming emails get marked as important automagically?

That’s right. All of my new messages are below “Others”. The data collect setting is on.

The data collection is actually independent from the priority inbox classification, though we originally thought we needed that for the ML.

Could you check the oc_mail_classifiers and the entries that match your account_id? I’m curious to learn more about the training results.

How to check this?

Log into your db and run SELECT * FROM oc_mail_classifiers WHERE account_id=XXX

Ouch. Do you have any important messages at all?

Only 2 mails, I don’t use this much.
My workflow is:
check every new mail
is there an todo for me: let it in the inbox if not delete it

Well, good job on keeping your emails well organized :grin:

I’m not sure how to handle this, I guess we could have another dashboard widget available that gives you only unread messages, as you suggested.


Such a widget would be great.