Mail templates options

I would like to see the mail templates feature being extended with some features.

If a share is password protected, we need to send a separate mail with the password. It would be easier is the password variable could be added to the mail template. Yes i know it’s not safe, but still a lot safer then an unprotected link for all to see by google:) By using a addable variable in the template everyone can choose for thenselves.

secondly it would be great if there could be send a different mail for sending, or receiving files. I would like to inform a guest in different ways for downloading or uploading files. Maybe there could be a drop down when sharing a file/folder for which mail you would like to send?

For your first proposal, there is already a feature request from owncloud with discussions:

Thought I’d bring this up here instead of opening a new post.

Hopefully this has been requested: I’d like the ability to preview or test email templates, and upload a custom logo instead of overwriting the theme’s GIF image… Is this on the roadmap?


Good question. It’s currently hard to track your feature request and what priority they have (unless there is someone working on it on github). I opened a discussion on how we can improve the situation, if you have ideas don’t hesitate to join: