Mail subfolders not behaving as expected

I expected to be able to move mail from the Inbox to a subfolder by drag/drop but this does nothing. Nor can I see any menu to do the same or any way to delete/rename a subfolder.

Not knowing what the expected behaviour (create subfolders, move mail) should be, it’s difficult to file a bug report.

Could you elaborate on this? What are the challenges?

Drag and drop is being worked on

NC 18
Mail 1.1.1

Add Subfolder creates a subfolder but I can see no way to move mail from Inbox to a Subfolder.

However, this is working on the assumption that the ability to create a subfolder implies being able to move mail into the subfolder from the Mail GUI. Is this right?

Add Folder does not create a folder.

If I could find out what the current feature set is then I could elaborate on what is not working for me.


Right now subfolder only really make sense if you use server-side filtering (with Sieve). You can’t move message with Mail.

OK, that figures. Thanks for the reply.

I am looking at this from a particular users POV, trying to get him comfortable using a NC based email app, (his choice), so I guess we’ll just just have to be patient!

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