Mail setup confusing

I did correctly set up mail service for the admin, under Administration, Basic settings, Email Server.

However, when I try to test it from that place, it does fail.

But when I go simply to the mail app, I can send mails from there without problems as well as receive.
The data for the mail server are same , means server, port, pass etc.

what am I doing wrong?


Hmm , it looks like I did solve it after whole day of trying.

In the Administration, Basic settings, Email Server,
I have to select ‘no encryption’
then all went grren and does work this way.

Under Mail, there I enter STARTTLS and all is fine too.

Strange, that the settings for the defoult smtp need to be without encryption as I was just lucky that the particular provider accepts this

There were changes to the 3rd party mailer library in Nextcloud 26:

  • STARTTLS cannot be enforced. It will be used automatically if the mail server supports it. The encryption type should be set to ‘None/STARTTLS’ in this case. See here for an example on how to configure self signed certificates.

that makes all clear now

many thanks